Srijan (सृजन)

Being a huge in size, the state of Uttar Pradesh produces large number of crafts created by the large number of artisans spread across the state. Various handicrafts including earthen pottery, carpets weaving, chikankari embroidery, silk saris etc., are the primary artifacts of Uttar Pradesh. It aims to increase the self-reliance and autonomy of girls & women by enhancing their productivity and enabling them to take up income generation activities. It provides training for skill up gradation to poor and socio-economically backward people.


Srijan Handicrafts and Art Training Center

(सृजन हस्तशिल्प कला प्रशिक्षण केंद्र)

The main objective of Srijan Hastshilp Kala Kendra is to provide qualitative training in the technical as well as in the non-technical trades and equip them with marketable skills and enabling them to compete more efficiently in the job market. Srijan Hastshilp Kala Kendra prepares Girls, Women and youth to take up self-employment ventures as well as wage employment.

The training courses are designed as per the local market requirements and needs of the youth. Srijan Hastshilp Kala Kendra presently offering the training programs especially for socio-economically backward Girls & Women: Cutting, Tailoring, Dress making, Fashion Designing, Fancy Bag and Purse making, Zardosi work, and Handi-Carft Artical making.

Srijan Craft Market

(सृजन शिल्प बाजार)

Srijan Shilp Bazar is one stop shop for everything Sewing, Knitting and Craft! And works towards re-designing the handicraft items for the urban lifestyle. This along with its in-house marketing platform ensures that the society actively generates work for the artisans and contributes to increasing livelihood.  Our mission is to be the best online and in-store retail supplier for crafts in the Uttar Pradesh!